how to write a book

how to write a book

Want to write a book but don’t know where to start? Here’s how  So you want to write a book, but you just don’t know where to start.  You’ve been doing this work long enough to know what your clients are struggling with. You have knowledge to share, or an idea that could really change […]

How to make time to write a book

Time to write a book

Time to Write a Book It’s time to write a book. For many people, writing a book is a lifelong dream. A dream that goes something like this.  Someday, when you have an abundance of time and energy, an incredible bestselling idea will drop into your mind. As you sit down to type, it will […]

What’s your book really about?

So you’re at a party and a new acquaintance asks ‘So what’s your book about?’ Should be an easy question right? But out comes the waffle: Um, well, it’s about podcasting, and how it shouldn’t be that hard to host, except that we let our mindset get in the way and then we underrate ourselves… […]

How to keep up your book writing momentum

Have you ever noticed that you start work on your book or a new creative project full of fire and enthusiasm, with huge faith that this idea will work out? And then…. Life gets lifey. Your kids/parents/dog get sick. A crisis on an existing project sucks up all your time. Your laptop dies; a pipe […]

What puppy training taught me about writing books

Deciding to get a puppy was a spontaneous decision.  I’d been nagging my husband for years, but I never thought he’d actually say yes. Then last summer while housesitting in Queenstown, we all fell in love with the gorgeous 2 year-old lab x springer in our care. A quick glance at TradeMe revealed a fresh […]

Letting go of a half written book

What if you had to let go of the book you’ve halfway written…. To find the book you are meant to write? A few months ago, I spoke to a new client who had been approached by publishers and asked to write a book. Writing a book is something she’s always wanted to do. She’s […]

Does your squirrel need a cage?

Does your squirrel need a cage

When we lived in San Francisco, the huge tree in our backyard was a favourite with the squirrels. They would fly from branch to branch, dive from the fence to the tree trunk, to the picnic table, to the ‘trash can’, and back again.  Their frenetic antics offered endless entertainment to my then baby boy […]

Why it is important to get help!

Why it is important to get help

I had a call with a new client a few weeks ago. She’s writing a book next year, so she’d been doing some research on the writing process. Before our call, she asked three published authors for their best advice on writing a book. And the overwhelming theme was: Get help Get help GET HELP […]

Why art matters in difficult times

Why art matters in divisive times

We are living in strange and difficult times. In my city here in New Zealand, we’re 10 weeks into lockdown and everywhere you look, there is tension. A public health crisis, a growing economic, geographical and political divide, businesses going to the wall. Some days I don a cloak of melancholy that’s hard to shift. […]

You are not the list! How to make yourself dispensable (lessons from lockdown)

Last year’s lockdown was a stressy time in our household. After the adrenaline of our emergency evacuation from France, and with so much uncertainty around the future, I worked early in the morning and late at night to complete a huge work project for a late May deadline. During the day, I tried to homeschool […]