Think Apple, Nike, Chanel, or TOMS Shoes

Iconic status doesn’t simply come with a fancy logo, quality products or innovation.

Iconic brands cultivate a deeper meaning and story behind their logo

We know what the business stands for – and as customers, we know what that says about us

I’m Christine Sheehy and I’m a messaging coach, brand storyteller and author

And if you’re working hard to build your personal brand but you’re still not sure what to say or share

Then I’d love you to join me for a very special live online workshop (or should I say atelier)
Together, we’ll get write to the heart of your work,
and craft your Iconic Brand Manifesto LIVE on the call

So what is a brand manifesto?

It’s a powerful statement of the ideas, vision and purpose that lie at the very heart of your work.

But more than that. Your brand manifesto is a rallying cry for your tribe and an invitation for your ideal customers to join in your mission.

Done well, your brand manifesto will amplify your ability to:

  • Connect with your people – Meet them in their struggle, show them they are truly seen, illuminate their path onwards and empower them to carry your message forward
  • Bring more of YOU into what you do  – the powerful, soulful, reflective side of you that cares so damn much about your people and your work 
  • Provide ongoing inspiration and direction – for you, your business and your customers. (Consider your social media content topics sorted)
  • Reignite your excitement and passion for what you do – Uh huh. When you own the power of your work, you’ll bubble over with excitement to get out there and share your message.And energy like that? Well it’s contagious.

Join me for this FREE online atelier

and together, we’ll create YOUR Iconic Brand Manifesto.

I have only ever shared this work before

as part of my paid programmes

But this time, I’m following an inspired hit to give away one of my most LOVE LOVE LOVED workshops – for FREE


The Iconic Brand Manifesto consistently produces inspired hits and genuine breakthroughs in promoting your business online

It’s ideal for coaches, consultants, writers, speakers, wellness and healing experts, or anyone who has a deeper meaning and purpose behind their brand – but who is struggling to put it out there

The Create Your Iconic Brand Manifesto atelier 

will take place on

Tuesday 8 October at 11am Paris

(that’s Tues 8th at 8pm Melbourne)


Tues 8 Oct at 12pm PST 

(that’s Wed 9th at 8am NZT, 6am Melbourne)



(You can choose the date and time that suits you best)

The workshop will take place live on Zoom and as it’s a coaching-style workshop, seats are limited

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Here’s what participants of my previous LIVE workshops have had to say

WOW I thank you! I have had many light bulb moments to walk my talk and get moving again with my reinvention of what's evolved. You are brilliant! - Charlotte Branson
Really enjoyed the format, energy and enthusiasm. Valuable learning. Thank you so much xx - Debbie Gillespie
Hey Christine thank you again for such practical tips that I was able to integrate into my biz straight away. Loved it! - Nicki Hanning

I hope you’ll join me for this very special atelier

I can’t wait to help you go Write to the Heart of Your Business

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