Become a Luminary

Are you my next Luminary?

Whether you want to lead a movement, speak on the stage, build a community,

start a paradigm shift, or finally let your whole self be seen

you’ve got a sense of a deeper mission or purpose

And you’re ready to play a bigger game

The problem is that you’ve lost your zest for your current business.

And you don’t know how to get from where you are now, to where you really want to be.

Introducing the Luminaries

Luminaries is a four month collaborative coaching + copywriting programme for bold and fierce women who are ready to step out bravely and share a bigger message.

We work together to refine your core message and get write to the heart of your mission. Then we bring it out consistently across your entire online presence, from your lead magnet to your website copy, social media, blogging and email sequences.

By the end of our four months together, you will have a completely streamlined online presence, with a consistent, bold and impactful message that runs through everything from your website, to your emails, to your social media.

But more than that, you will be standing strong in your message. That’s the power of working collaboratively – by the time we’re done, you’ll know, feel, breathe and speak your message from deep within your body, and you’ll be consistently showing up and sharing from the heart with a plan and a purpose.

Luminaries is for you if:

Your business has lost its shine – it’s just not as rewarding as it was before. It feels like there is something missing.

You know you’re here for more you just can’t figure out how to bridge the gap between what you’re doing now and the message you’re here to share.

You’re ready to play a bigger game.No more hiding behind a website or a brand, you’re on a mission to get heard and seen.

You’re ready to start showing up consistently across all of your platforms (online and in person) to share your message from the heart

You know the moment is now. There are people out there who need your help – if only you could reach them.

You’re tired of going it alone. You want someone who sees the power of your work and will help you find the words to share it with integrity and grace – so you can grow your tribe and your business, your way.

Luminaries is NOT for you if:

You want someone else to do all the work. Yes, I will be working away on your copy behind the scenes (either writing it for you OR offering feedback and advice – depending which option you choose)  and you will have all the benefit of my insight, expertise and writing skills. But I need you to dig deep. This is an intensive programme designed to challenge you in all the right ways, so if you’re going to get results, you need to be prepared to look within, share honestly and show up boldly

You’re solely an ecommerce store. This programme is for women with a wider mission – so it’s ideal for coaches, speakers, writers, thought leaders, teachers, mentors, or anyone who wants to lead a movement, create a community or share a bolder message. (Got a store and a mission? That’s perfect).

How it Works

4 month, 1:1 coaching and copywriting programme

Fortnightly Zoom calls (every two weeks). These are collaborative calls where we work together on your copy and messaging – this is a fast and effective way to get work done and get it done right.

Between sessions I continue to create or polish your copy.

You will have homework, mostly around creating content (gathering ideas and material for your lead magnet, creating blogs, videos, social media posts – whatever is right for your audience). It may also involve journalling, brainstorming ideas, seeking feedback from clients etc.

This programme is completely bespoke to your needs, but click through these four monthly tabs for an indicative plan of what we might cover:

We begin with a 90 minute deep dive into your core message – an intuitive session to get write to the heart of what you’re here to share

We explore your vision, mission and values and create a brand manifesto

I carry out an audit of your online presence to see how you are showing up across all your platforms, including your website, lead magnet, emails, blogs and social media

We create a bespoke plan for our work together, based on your individual needs…and then
click the tab above to read about Month 2….

  • Review, rewrite or create your lead magnet and email sequence
  • Review + rewrite your website copy
  • Review  + plan your content strategy to take your message to the world

Want to find out if the Luminaries is right for you?

Luminaries is an invitation-only programme,
and I work only with a small number of clients at any one time.





Working with Christine to find the heart of my brand message has created so much more consistency in my business.

In the beginning I was too scared to be my true self and I was working from my mind instead of sharing from my heart. I have found that by being my true authentic self, I magnetise the right people to my brand and that people buy your products when you are sharing from your heart with a consistent brand message, and especially when combined with my other alignment practices, such as meditation and intention setting.

Giving my customers something of value that I love (moon readings) has also been wonderful as I never thought I could combine this with my designs. It has made it so much easier to share and sell products as I am sharing from a place of love and my message is something I am passionate about.”

Penelope Dudgeon, Lady Fox

I can’t wait to help you

go Write to the Heart of Your Business


Christine x