Journalling Programmes

Own Your Voice

A four-week series of daily 10-minute writing prompts + blog and social media post ideas

to access your inner truth and engage your ideal clients, so you can grow your audience AND your business.

Own Your Voice is about establishing a consistent daily habit of sharing your authentic message, so you can set yourself apart from the crowd and engage a growing tribe of loyal followers and customers.


What On Earth Am I Going To Post Today?

Can I really say that?

What am I  ‘supposed’ to write about anyway? 


  1. Daily journalling prompts: You’ll get daily 10-minute journalling prompts delivered to your inbox Monday to Friday. These juicy prompts will challenge you to consider your work from a new perspective – and get that creativity (and those money-making ideas) flowing.
  2. Daily content ideas: Each day I’ll share ideas for how you can use the day’s journalling prompt to create fresh blogs and social media shares to engage your tribe and bring more of YOU into your online presence.
  3. Bonus Content Strategy Video Class to set your goals for the month and map out your content strategy.

I want this work to be accessible to everyone, so I’ve priced Own Your Voice at just

NZD $49 (APPROX USD $35)


The Biz Soul Sessions 

A six-week series of daily writing prompts (and optional tasks) to bring more of YOU into your business and your brand. 

And all you need is

10 minutes a day


You know the best way to stand out and create connection with your ideal audience is to be yourself


The Biz Soul Sessions are all about establishing a consistent daily habit of connecting to the core of your work, so you can bring more of YOU into everything you do, engage your tribe of loyal followers, and set yourself apart from the crowd.

These simple daily actions will top up your inspiration tanks, keep you connected to the core of what you do and help you engage your dream peeps – so you can build a thriving and satisfying business, doing work that you love.

 You can get the Biz Soul Sessions for just

NZD $75 (APPROX USD $55)


Workshops & Journalling Programmes

Plan Your Book Workshop

Plan Your Book Workshop

Is there a book inside you, that’s dying to get out?
An idea that won’t leave you alone?
An ebook that would support your business, some wisdom you’re longing to share or a story you’re dying to tell?
This is the year we make it happen.

In this 90-min workshop we’ll plan your book from start to finish. You’ll nail down your idea, create your chapter outlines, identify all the info you need to gather and piece together your plan so you have a solid structure to work from BEFORE you start writing.
This is an intense, get-stuff-done workshop where you’ll be head down capturing your ideas and creating your plan to make it happen.

In this 90-minute workshop you’ll get:

1) A planning sheet to narrow your book topic and set your direction for the workshop
2) A Book Plan workbook that you’ll complete during the 90-minute pre-recorded workshop, to get all your ideas onto the page, create a structure for your book

JUST $97 NZD (roughly $70 USD)

Customer Intelligence Workshop

Believe it or not, your customers are telling you exactly what they want to know, learn and buy from you. All you need to do is start paying attention.

In this workshop you will learn:


  •  How to find out exactly what your customers want to learn, know and buy
  • How to use your customers’ words to create copy that connects AND converts
  • Simple strategies to find endless inspiration for web copy, blogs, social media, newsletters, digital products and more


I’ll also share my signature system for tracking, analysing and using customer intelligence in your copy .

JUST $29 NZD (roughly $18 USD)

Editorial Calendar Workshop

Your blog can be an incredible tool for creating interest in your products or services, and turning readers into paying customers – if you know how to blog strategically.

In this 90-minute workshop you’ll learn how to :


  • Define the core  themes (and side topics) of your blog, so you always know what to write about
  • Use your blog to nurture your peeps from curious readers into paying customers
  • Align your blog topics with your business goals. Got a workshop to fill? A product to launch? I’ll show you how to blog to build buzz around your product or service
  • Use my simple-yet-effective editorial calendar to map out your next 60 days of blog topics live on the call – a process you can repeat again and again
JUST $29 NZD (roughly $18 USD)