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Finding Your Golden Thread This workbook will help you make sense of a disjointed career and bring together all your skills and talents with your Golden Thread.

Write to the Heart of Your Message Workbook Ahhh work of my heart! These are the 12 essential questions to get clear on your core message BEFORE you write your site/launch a product/create content – or do anything at all!

Content Strategy Worksheet   A no-fluff worksheet to map out your content strategy.

How to actually write – 18 tips to bust through procrastination and perfectionism and get those words on the page.

10 Secrets to Stand Out Website Copy  Top tips for writing great website copy

The 10-Second Pitch Workbook – Don’t know how to explain what you do? Tired of the same old elevator pitches? You need this workbook!

Making the Most of Your 10-Second Pitch How to use your 10-second pitch.

How to offer Free Sessions that Pay  This is the strategy I used to get clients when I was just starting out.

How to Find Your Customer Avatar Think your customers have nothing in common? This workbook will show you they actually do! And once you figure out what it is, it makes writing blogs and copy so much easier.

Zero In on Your Customer’s Pain Points How to find out what your customer is struggling with – so you can help her solve her problems.

How to Tell Your Customers You’re Changing Direction Here’s how to announce a new direction in your biz.

Getting Started in Online Business An overview of the online business model