I see you sister

That heart of yours is deep and wise.

You’ve got a lot to say and so much to share

The trouble is, you’ve been playing small.

Following the rules, dulling your light, afraid to let your true self shine. 

And lately, your business has lost its sparkle.

You’ve got this sense of a bigger calling or mission,

but right now there’s an enormous gap

between what you’re letting the world see and who you really want to be.

Enough is Enough

You know you’re here for something more.

You’re ready to show up boldly and share from the heart 

so you can grow your tribe, your business and your legacy

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I’m Christine Sheehy and I’m a messaging coach, a copywriter and a bestselling author.

I see your light even when you can’t see it for yourself. And I use my intuition to give voice to what you know in your soul but can’t express, in words that feel and sound like you.

Through my signature Luminaries programme, I work with my clients 1:1 to nail the core message at the heart of their work. Then we work together to bring that message out consistently across their entire online presence, from their website copy, to email sequences, lead magnets, blogs and social media

I’ve worked with coaches, leaders, designers, spiritual healers, food bloggers, naturopaths, artists, criminal barristers, digital media executives, nutritionists, business strategists, networkers, alternative health practitioners, online store owners and other wise women to help them find their voices and show up boldly online, so they can grow their tribe and their business, doing what they love.

So how did I get here?

It only took me a law degree, 8 years of legal practice, two bestselling books and hundreds of thousands of words published in newspapers, magazines, corporate comms and in-house publications to realise…

Life is a whole lot more fun when I’m…

Using my natural strengths to help people I would happily hang out with, 

be who they are and step into the glorious light of their gifts.

I spent way too many years striving to be successful

 in a field that was not a natural fit for me.

It was only after 3 babies and 5 international moves over 6 years, that I truly let go of a conventional path and started forging my own way. Even then I took my natural strengths for granted. “Who would pay me to do that? There’s no business in that!” said the voice inside my head (and I’m willing to bet your inner critic has something similar to say).

Fast forward a few years, and it all fits. I now see how all these twists and turns were essential to bring me to the point where I can own my gifts and use them to serve women like you. (Tying your life experiences together is a concept I call your Golden Thread – click here to learn how to find yours).

According to a Course in Miracles,

“We teach what we most need to learn”.

My lifelong lessons are about reclaiming my voice, honouring my gifts and stepping into my power – and helping other women do the same.  

Are you ready?  Let’s get started.