Do the heart work first

Do the heart work first - Christine Sheehy

Do you resist what you most long to do? The work of your heart. That creative dream. The yearning to shift your business in a new direction, to let go of the old and invite your clients into the new. Maybe your dream is to make a film, write a book, create your own jewellery […]

Your secret path to outrageous success

Your secret path to outrageous success

When was the last time you made time to dream in your business? To write down those secret desires you’re not brave enough to voice, or to list what you really want if you were not limited by logic, practicality or your current circumstances? Today I want you to do just that. As entrepreneurs, it’s […]

How to live a good life, right here right now – My commitments for 2017

I found him asleep on the floor of our bedroom. Head tucked beneath the curtain, his little nose pressed against the glass of the sliding door, waiting for Mum to come home. He had, the babysitter said, followed my car up the driveway tonight. She’d had to chase after him, her petite dancer’s frame wrestling […]