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You’ve got an idea worth sharing. You’ve been thinking about it – dreaming about it – for months, or even years. You know your work is powerful. You know that your message has the power to change lives.

The trouble is, writing can be hard. Whether you’re working on a book or a website, it takes courage to raise your voice, commit your ideas and your story to the page, and declare to the world that you have something to offer – and something to say.

You don’t have to write alone.

I’m Christine Sheehy

I’m a non-fiction book coach, ghostwriter, copywriter, and author. I work with aspiring and established leaders who are driven by purpose and have a message worth sharing.

As your book coach, I’ll give you the support, accountability and feedback you need to not only plan, write, edit and finish that darn book, but to make it the best it can be. Whether you have the wisp of an idea or a draft manuscript, together we can make your ideas shine.

As your copywriter, I’ll find the core message at the heart of your work and create compelling copy to attract and engage your ideal clients.

Are you ready to share your message, build your authority, grow your business and change lives? Let’s get started.

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3 Ways we can work together

Book Coaching

Nurturing your book baby all the way from concept to completion (and anywhere in between)

Ghostwriting & editing

I'll polish your manuscript, OR take your amazing content (blogs, podcasts, webinars) and write your book for you

Brand messaging & copywriting

Find the core message at the heart of your work and create compelling website copy to attract and engage your ideal clients.

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